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If you're an adventurous traveler who enjoys unique and beautiful things, this personalized fashion & lifestyle tour is for you.  Whether you are a man or a woman, I promise that there are beautiful shoes, apparel, accessories, household items, art & crafts available to you.  Bespoke, custom and ready to wear are all within arm's reach.  Not to mention, the visual artists in Uganda and Rwanda are amazing and have their own unique style.  The all natural bath and body products, sourced and produced locally are extremely affordable and luxurious!  

I am the Producer and Host of Off the Beaten Path, an international travel adventure program that leads viewers to unique shops, boutiques, markets and designers where avant-garde fashion experiences are discovered.  I travel throughout the world to bring you fashion at its best.  I'm currently located in Kampala, Uganda, the capital of East African fashion.  Although I am partial to Kampala, I must admit that Kigali, Rwanda has a burgeoning fashion scene that is organized and ready for the global market.  

Through this tour, not only will you go on the shopping adventure of a lifetime, but I will also customize an experience beyond shopping that is curated for your personal tastes and sensibilities.  Enjoy yoga? Allow me to organize a session to align your chakras.  Fancy a night on the town and bar hopping?  I know exactly where you can shake a tail feather and enjoy sundowners.  If hiking and wild life is your thing, fresh air and the big 5 are just a few hours away.  Let me know what you or your group prefers and I will assist in creating an experience that you'll never forget.  

Many years ago, I went on a shopping trip with a gurlfriend to Paris.  Despite having researched and planned, it took me 2 days out of a 5 day trip to find the designers and shopping areas that resonated with me.  When I finally found my sweet spot, it was like an obsession to discover designers, boutiques and co-ops that catered to my personal tastes. I wished I had someone on the ground that could have assisted me in this endeavor.  I wouldn't have wasted so much time and had a much more enjoyable experience.  Kampala needs another clothing store, like I need another hole in my head.  With so much fashion on EVERY corner, it can be difficult to discern where to go or even where to start.   Kigali is known for sophisticated,  contemporary designs that harken to traditions of the past.  Every month, there is a new designer that has taken a leap into the fashion realm.  That's where I come in as your personal shopping guide.  I've already discovered the best and can help you avoid the pitfalls.  

What you will get in a nutshell:

  1. The best shopping in Rwanda and Uganda
  2. I'll arrange lodging for you
  3. Entertainment and nightlife excursions
  4. Foodie jaunts
  5. A spa treatment
  6. Adventure and/or fitness experience

If you would like to book the shopping tour without the additional excursions, contact me directly for pricing details.

Once you complete your purchase.  Please click here to answer a few questions.  I look forward to sharing my favorites with you!

Click below to view an episode where I interviewed the designer of Leap Year clothing.  Pamela Kawah is the founder of this atelier based in Kampala.  Depending on your needs, we may visit her and you can pick up some ready to wear items or have a few pieces custom designed.  

This second episode features one of Pamela's favorite spots in the city.  Zone 7 has house music on Saturdays and live jazz on Wednesdays.  If you fancy a night on the town or a day party, allow me to take you there.  Press play to explore.