"Toddre's words create a spatial experience, a three dimensional frame from which one can delve into your intuitive, intentional and intelligent work. Weaving pictures, textures and shadows, characters and context become real with the accompanying eco-system. Her lyrical story telling presents delightfully sassy, throwing caution to the wind. We are engaged and treated to a raw expression of observations of this world. Without judgement and not shying away from confessional like wisdom. We see her perspective and wish for more . . . Thank you for releasing your talent." - Jenni Mpyisi/Architect


"Toddre' did a guest post for my blog titled, 'No Job, No Problem' a couple of years ago. The post detailed her transition from working in the fashion industry in the United States  to embracing the unknown as she move to Zanzibar. What I remember most about the post and Toddre' in general is her fearlessness to undertake such adventure. While many would have been lost in the circumstances at hand, Toddre' used it as an opportunity to create a new life, one where she was amazed daily and which allowed her to be fully present. She expressed all of this really well in her writing and inspired others in doing so. She is an intelligent, adventurous, travel aficionado and virtually meeting someone like her and hearing her story via her writing has been the best part of blogs and social media." - Maya McCoy/Blogger

Retail and Entrpreneurship

"Toddre' Monier is an extremely creative, intelligent, and hardworking individual. In my work with her regarding her business, Wild Women Wear Red, I have continued to be increasingly impressed with her work as a retail and fashion industry professional. IShe has many unique talents to offer a business, given both her retail and legal experiences. have always been extremely satisfied with her provision of services, and through her efforts I have expanded my interests in this area both personally and professionally. On a personal note, I have found Toddre' to be very personable, enthusiastic, friendly and professional. It has been a pleasure working with her, and I am proud to also have her as a friend. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question or concerns - I give her my highest recommendation!" - Jaslean LaTaillade/Senior Researcher

Professional Styling

"Toddre' always provided excellent guidance and an honest perspective. She also has wonderful energy and a great sense of humor. I would gladly work with her again." - Melissa Mileff Burnett/Designer and Decorative Arts Specialist